Dr. Brent

Patient Testimonials

My experience with Dr. Moelleken and his staff was the absolute best possible. Dr. was very interested in his patient as were his staff. Making you comfortable and secure in the knowledge of his skills, which are the best. No problems. No looking “done” just better. Thank you SG

Dr. Moelleken and his staff were wonderful from start to finish. I am 51 years old. I had a face lift, my upper lids done, livefill, chin implant and a necklace. Prior to surgery I was very self conscious about my jowls and neck. Dr. Moelleken did an incredible job! I look about 10 years younger and about 20 pounds thinner. It has been three months since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Dr. Moelleken, it has been worth it. JM

The dr. and his staff were great! I can’t say enough about them. The dr. is very honest and upfront on what to expect. I am very happy with the results, I am a new man. I used to lower my neck and see fat rolls coming out of each side of my neck and bottom chin. One week later I did it and the neck didn’t even bulge out slightly. Additionally removed abnormal bulges that occurred due to facial trauma and are now gone. The grade would be A+++++. RC

Dr. Moelleken and all his staff were so sweet and accommodating when it came to all my needs. Dr.. Moelleken was quick to return phone calls if there were any concerns or questions. After having three children I had so much extra skin, I decided to have a full abdominoplasty and breast lift with removal of breast implants. I could not be more thrilled with the results! I have such high regard and trust in Dr. Moelleken and all his staff that I would send anyone to him with complete confidence. JQ

For years I was searching for a doctor that would fix my stomach without leaving me with a huge hip-to-hip scar. I read an article on Dr. Moelleken’s “Hybrid abdominoplasty” and was amazed at the results. After meeting him and understanding the procedure, I knew he was the right doctor and the right procedure for me. He not only impresses me with his incredible background, resume, and knowledge, but he was so down to earth, easy to talk to and a good listener.I was also impressed with his support staff and nurses. They were considerate to my conditions and needs. I highly recommend Dr. Moelleken and his staff. And for anyone who is fit needs a little fixing-up after having kids, I highly recommend the “Hybrid abdominoplasty” that only Dr. Moelleken is presently performing. DMG

I found myself in the best of care when it cam time to remove a very prominent lesion on my ear. Dr. Moelleken went above and beyond to be sure that my scar was disguised in the best was possible. If this is the kind of close attention he gives to an ear, I know I’m in great hands. NM

I had a facelift with Dr. Moelleken 3 years ago and love it! I look completely natural not that pulled monster look that you see so often, I look great. Staff is very supportive both pre-post surgery. Minimal pain 1 day, quick recovery, back to work 10 days later. Can not say enough about this amazing surgeon. Thank you Dr. Moelleken! RT

I’m 53 years old and was starting to look a little tired and because my mouth was starting to turn down at the corners, I looked a bit angry. Also my neck was doing

that thing! I’m healthy and keep in shape so I did not like what I saw in my face & neck, it didn’t match how I felt about life. The only con is; surgery & recovery. It wasn’t bad but it is a process. The pros are many; looking great, getting my jawline back, smoother neck and lots of compliments! Love my Dr. and his staff.

I’m a 35 year old mom of two and I can’t say enough about Dr. Moelleken. He is a tremendously talented surgeon and an exceptional doctor. I’ve worked with doctors as a medical executive and have probably been a patient more then most. From this experience, I believe what makes a great doctor besides training , is 1) great bedside manner,2) for cosmetic surgeons, artistry, and 3) someone who makes his profession better and doesn’t treat every patient the same. I chose Dr. Moelleken because he’s developed procedures that other surgeons are using today, he uses procedures that result in less scarring and bruising, which is probably why I’m back to work, feeling great. Not so much as a Tylenol in my system.His bedside manner, before, during and after surgery let me know he had my best interest at heart. I had issue with blood pressure and he counseled me on it, encouraged me to control my levels and assisted me in getting it regulated before surgery. I did. So when it was time for surgery, I had no worries going in. My anesthesiologist called me the day before surgery and went over my medical history with me and what he planned to do the next day in surgery. Is that amazing or what? And he had a great sense of humor and made me feel like I was in good hands. Finally, Dr. Moelleken’s artistry is unparalleled. By that, I mean, my belly looks natural, not the sort of square torso that I’ve seen in some before and after tummy tucks. He sculpted my abdomen to look more natural and soft. I think it looks great and the swelling isn’t even gone yet. It’s only been a week and a half! Dr. Moelleken and his staff were exceedingly wonderful. For those reasons,

I highly recommend him. NS

Dr. Moelleken is an amazing talented doctor and artist. I am extremely pleased with my tummy tuck- great contour, natural look, quick healing. He was really accessible and his staff was great. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Moelleken once again you have come to my rescue, There is no telling what would have happened to me if it weren’t for your incredible ability as a surgeon. Just wanted to thank you again and wish you continued success. Best regards and thank you. PRT

Dr. Moelleken thank you very much for everything you have done for me. I LOVE me new look. May God bless you always. BG

Dear Dr. Moelleken, just a note of thanks for making a difficult experience for me much easier to go through. I appreciate your kindness before, during and after surgery. You are a special human being. Sincerely KK

Dear Dr. Moelleken, Thank you for all your care, time and attention around my recent surgery. I could not have asked for a kinder, gentler person, thank you, and I know how lucky I am to have found you. HW

Brent, Once again I find myself absolutely amazed with your talent. I know that I’ve told you hundreds of times how amazing you are, but again you have out done yourself. I know I am not remotely healed, but I am already so happy with the results.I promise you that I will be singing the praises of your work for years to come. I so appreciate all you have done for me. LH

Dear Dr. Moelleken, I just wanted to thank you for your gracious attention adn expertise towards me with my eyes. I’m sure you’re an unspoken hit with your patients, not only with the excellence of your work, but also the fineness of your personality. Heaven’s blessings to you, Sincerely. HH

Dr. Moelleken, Hi! Besides being my doctor, I feel you are a very warm and caring man. You also have a sweet staff. Just wanted to say ‘Thanks” for making me feel so comfortable. TB

I’m 34, mother of 2, had tow hernia’s ( one failed hernia operations), a totally absent belly button and a lot of loose skin. I had surgery a week and a half ago with the most amazing doctor ever. He was great, his recovery room staff were great, anesthesiologist was great. They all made me feel comfortable. Thank you for giving me back my body. SN

As a physician, I am really picky about who I chose to be my own doctor.Dr. Moelleken is easy to chose. He has impeccable credentials, including Harvard, Yale and UCLA training. He is also fully board certified and professionally affiliated. He has numerous publications and is obviously extremely knowledgeable and experience (frequently fixing the poor outcomes of others). On top of all this, he is unusually warm, personable and caring in interactions with his patients and their family members. He really took the time to listen to and fully address my concerns- and physician are generally very fussy patients! I was also dazzled but the expertise of the people Dr. Moelleken surrounds himself with. The anesthesiologist was fantastic as well ( I am ridiculously sensitive to medications and therefore extremely cautious about anesthesiology). As it turned out, I actually only needed extra strength Tylenol for pain relief after tummy tuck! Needless-to-say, Dr. Moelleken’s efforts have given me spectacular results, which have brought me tremendous joy. I am very grateful to him and his team; I couldn’t possibly have asked for a more positive experience and outcome. My family and I will confidently continue to use Dr. Moelleken’s artistry and expertise for our future plastic surgery needs, as they arise. SL

Amazing doctor the “Best bedside manner”. Before getting botox, he meets one on one with you to discuss your troubled areas, this was very important to me, I knew then, I was in good hands.DAR

Dr. Moelleken is absolutely wonderful! I would highly recommend him. I did a lot of research when looking for a surgeon and he is the best! MN

Dr. Moelleken is fantastic, very happy with results from neck and face after the 3 procedures. I would recommend him to anyone for his care and expertise. . I am very confident that another doctor would not have been as good, especially with a facial injury that altered my face of a couple of years. Thank you! CR

After a lot of research, I had Dr. Moelleken do my tummy tuck. The results far exceeded my expectation and are amazing! He’s great, experienced, friendly and very patient with questions. Highly recommend Dr. Moelleken for any procedure big (tummy tuck like me) or small. He’s simply the best. I am so happy I had it done. I think he’s the most amazing doctor out there. His staff is great and they know a ton of what you are going through. They are professional adn kind adn always call you back quickly. Go ahead, call Dr. Moelleken and meet him! You’ll be glad you did. NNS

Dr. Moelleken is amazing! Do your research, I had a facelift and still look like myself just better not a pulled freak, tummy is next. Thank you so much!! ST

Dear Dr. Moelleken, Thank you for all that you have done. I’m really happy!! You are blessed with such a gift ! Again thank you for caring. TT

Hi guys. I must once again thank you so much Dr. Moelleken. I have never been happier or felt better about my body. I hope you are more successful than ever and that you keep transforming woman’s bodies to make them as happy as I am. Thank you once again. I can’t believe I was living like that for so long. Oh yes I must add that I get complimented on how beautiful my beast are and people wonder if they are real. Of course I say no and tell them all about your office. So thank you, forever grateful. KM

I had a TT with another doctor who tried to do Dr. Moelleken’s hybrid tummy tuck, for less money. Deformed belly button, unfixable problem, I am devastated. I should have gone with Dr. Moelleken. RG

The best Beverly Hills plastic surgeon on the planet! After seeing Dr Brent on the Discovery Health Channel I had a consultation with the doctor and his remarkable staff. In January 2009 I had 5 procedures including a face lift, neck lace, upper & lower eye lids and lipo. My recovery time was very short and I look better than I ever have. As a man I was concerned about looking “plumped & pulled” which I did not want. Each procedure was very subtle and the result is that I look younger and healthier. Mission accomplished! I received first class, red carpet treatment during every stage of my transformation. I am eternally grateful and I could not be HAPPIER!

New York City Surgeon

I am a well-known, accomplished 45 year old male surgeon from New York City who sought out Dr. Brent Moelleken and traveled to L.A. for surgical treatment. Dr. Brent did a phenomenal job with my surgery. He is certainly the SURGEON’S SURGEON!! All the long, hard hours of work and lack of sleep took a toll on my facial appearance. My body was in good shape as I exercised often however my face didn’t seem to match my physique. I had developed excessive laxity in my facial skin that led to a very tired and often angry or sad appearance. My eye-lids were hanging over my eye lashes and my cheeks were drooping which led to a hollowness under my eyes and deep nasolabial folds. I had also developed jowls, a turkey neck and my nose seemed to become bulbous as I grew older. I was looking for a refreshed, rejuvenated and more gentle appearance that was also natural looking and not pulled. I performed extensive research into which procedures would benefit me the most and also researched many surgeons in New York, Los Angeles as well as other areas of the country (reading about the surgeons but also questioning colleagues). I chose Dr. Brent Moelleken for my plastic surgery for many reasons. While he was an extremely well accomplished surgeon with outstanding credentials and many publications, he was truly an artist and an innovator. His patients’ results were very natural in appearance and he seemed to individualize each patient’s surgery according to their goals and expectations taking into consideration their current appearance. He was a surgeon who paid attention to extreme detail. I met with Dr. Brent and he recommended a treatment plan that included a cheek lift, full face lift, blepharoplasty, nose tip surgery, small chin implant and lateral brow lift. He was very kind, compassionate and understanding with regard to my concerns and very conservative in his approach. I underwent the above procedures during a single operation 3 months ago. My results are fantastic!! The swelling is completely gone. I look entirely refreshed and probably 10 years younger. Coworkers and friends have told me how good I look and asked me if I lost weight or have been exercising. They have no idea I underwent surgery. My cheeks no longer droop; you can see my blue eyes; my nose looks prettier and I have a chiseled jaw and chin. The incisions are well hidden and not noticeable at all. It is even hard for me to find the incisions. It goes without saying that I am incredibly ecstatic about the results of my surgery and mare than pleased with the care and attention that Dr. Brent as well as his entire staff gave me before, during and after the surgery. Dr. Brent is the BEST!!